Better than E-mail

For some time now, I have been working with my friend Francis Cianfrocca to build a communcation and networking alternative to e-mail. E-mail has its uses and advantages, but there are things that it simply does not do well, like maintaining user security for instance. We have been working on a project called Symposium, which we are hoping will serve as a supplement—or even a replacement—for e-mail in corporate settings, and which may serve as a one-stop shop where you can catch up on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ messages as well as messages from e-mail.

Our statement of purpose can be found here, and the code is here. We welcome eyeballs, tweaks and comments from the open source community. We are very excited about this project, and we believe that it can go a long way towards filling a void in the area of online communications.

Repeat After Me: “Biotech Crops DON’T Post a Health/Safety/Environmental Risk”

And anyone who tells you otherwise is (a) lying; or (b) incredibly misinformed. Also, (c) if their lies/misinformation are accepted as true, the resulting lack of biotech crops will cause millions to starve to death.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that the people who denigrate biotech crops and GMOs are overwhelmingly found on the port side of the partisan divide. Their war against biotech crops/GMOs should be termed a war on science, and would be if the people waging that war were Republicans instead.