The Blog Has Moved. Again.

Squarespace is an excellent site to host one's homepage at, but its blogging services dissatisfy. Especially annoying is the fact that Squarespace has not decided to update its iPhone app in eons, and I presume that the iPad app is similarly out of date. This makes it almost impossible for me to blog on the run, and let's face it; readers might like it if I were able to blog on the run more often.

As such, while, this blog, and all of the sub-pages of this site will remain on the web, and be used by me as a homepage, actual blogging will occur from now on at, which is a somewhat less cumbersome URL than is this blog's address (I know that any URL with my name in it is cumbersome by definition, but here's hoping that I have lightened some burdens).

Yes, I am aware that this blog has moved many times. And yes, I know that I have had problems with Wordpress blogs in the past. But I know what to do in order to prevent those problems from occurring again. And yes, with every blog move, I have said that I would never move again, but here's hoping that this time, I mean it.

Be sure to change your bookmarks, and I hope to see you at often. And bring along your friends.

A Comment on Comments

For whatever reason, the "Comments" link is not showing up at the bottom of posts--I have alerted Squarespace, my hosting company about this--but if you wish to comment on a post, you can click on the title, and Disqus should still work. So, comments are still allowed.

Lawfare Is an Example of the Best of the Blogosphere, and it Deserves Your Support

I am very pleased to note the success of Lawfare in attracting readers and in shaping the law/national security debate, and not just because I guest-blogged at Lawfare one time, or because Jack Goldsmith once had nice things to say in passing about an article I wrote. Rather, I am pleased by Lawfare's success because I think that the site does a wonderful job of discussing the intersection of law and national security. Its writers are terrific at both reporting law/national security news and at writing what they think about the latest developments in the field. That's no mean feat. Lawfare's writers clearly have strong opinions on the issues of the day, but they respect their readership enough to give them oodles of relevant, timely and important information so that readers can make up their own minds on the issues the site covers and discusses. I like blogs that treat their readers like smart people, and Lawfare is a prime example of a blog that makes the Internet a better place by markedly improving the level of online conversation and discourse.

The blog has now transformed into a non-profit institute.  It is soliciting donations to help with site maintenance, and it will be applying for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. Of course, I heartily encourage you to support this blog, but you should support Lawfare and the Lawfare Institute as well--for a better blogosphere, better reporting and editorializing on law and national security issues, and a higher quality of discussion on policy formulation and implementation.

Support This Blog!

I have put up a PayPal donation button to the side, right below the picture of the blog icon/mascot. I certainly don't expect to get rich off of blogging, but if you like the writing here, and you want to help defray the costs of hosting and maintaining this site, donations would be appreciated. You can also support this blog by purchasing from the Amazon box to the right (it won't cost you any more money than you would pay if you went to Amazon's homepage), buying a blog ad (right below the search function to the right), or by clicking on the Google Ads below the Amazon box. Many thanks in advance.