Summing Up Obamacare

This story tells us that we can look forward to the following:

  • If you are a small nonprofit and you don't pay taxes, you might be able to look forward to a tax credit.
  • If you currently provide health care insurance as an employer, you may have to stop.
  • It may cost more to cover part-time workers than it does to cover full-time workers.
  • If you have to provide coverage as an employer, and can't because of higher premiums, you'll wind up paying penalties and your employees will go without insurance unless they individually seek insurance on the exchanges.
  • If you forego providing health insurance as an employer because of higher premiums, and have to pay penalties, you will also lose out on the ability to claim tax deductions for providing health care coverage.
  • If you are a large nonprofit, you may have to forego health care insurance for your employees, even though promoting health and health care may be part of your nonprofit's mission statement. 
  • You won't be able to keep your health care coverage, even if you like it, because of higher premiums.
If you don't like this arrangement, you are not alone.