Why Democrats Have Turned Away from President Obama

Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan discuss.  One reason they cite is the fact that the presidential election is over, and Democrats no longer feel as much of a need to rally around the president. But here are the other reasons:

2. No big second term accomplishments. President Obama devoted the most powerful moments of his 2013 State of the Union address to the necessity of Congress passing gun control legislation. That push became a touchstone for Democrats across the country. It failed. While immigration reform remains in process, there’s not much he can point to that excites his base at the moment.

3. The whiff of scandal. The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservatives and the revelations regarding the widespread surveillance of data and phone records by the National Security Agency left Obama playing defense. While neither story turned Democrats away from Obama, they may well have cut at the enthusiasm that members of his party expressed for him.

Hope and Change have pretty much gone by the wayside, haven't they?